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Current version 1.5.2  See  version history for more info.

Barcode Creator can create many different   barcode types, and it does it all within scripts.  There are no additional components required, unless you are running in FileMaker 12. If you are using FileMaker 12 then see the section on how to handle that.


Installation is very easy.  Since all of the barcode creation logic is manifested in scripts, it’s just a matter of copy a folder of scripts from one file to another.  You can find step by step instructions on the   Installation page.


The   User Guide has some examples and instructions for how to use Barcode Creator to create barcodes in you own FileMaker solution. "It also has an in-depth discussion of the different APIs that are available

Printing Barcodes Generated with Barcode Creator

Barcode Creator just creates image files, and puts them in a container field.  When it comes to printing them, you do it just like you were printing anything else with FileMaker.  There is no magic about barcodes and printing. BUT FileMaker does have a New Layout Wizard,( which is kind of like magic) that can help. I discuss that in a   video and blog post. Check it out for more info.


If you still have questions, please   contact us.